Calibration gases are essential for various analytical applications, but when temperatures drop components may separate. At hi-Q, we understand that production must continue in cold weather. That is why we designed the CG HEATER™ — an insulating electric heater that solves the problem of gas stratification by generating a thermal convection current within the cylinder.


CG HEATER™ covers the cylinder like an over-sized tea cozy and closes easily with Velcro fasteners. Two inches of semi- rigid insulation keeps heat inside the cylinder and cold weather outside. Covering the insulation is a chemical resistant outer layer of silicone impregnated fiberglass cloth. This weatherproof covering can withstand temperatures up to 260˚C (500˚F) and will not hold a flame.


CG HEATER™ is suitable for use in hazardous areas and is CSA certified for use on calibration gas cylinders. The self- regulating heating element uses more electricity as the outside temperature falls, maintaining a stable temperature. As the outside temperature rises, power usage decreases ensuring that the cylinder will not over-pressurize and keeping operating costs to a minimum.